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Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Steve, I'm about to give you the most important secret of wealth creation ever.

I'm not going to tease you with a taste of this secret and I'm not going to sell it to you... I'm going to give it to you 100% free of charge on this very page.

Going through zero...

Back in 1992, on Monday the 3rd of February (my 18th birthday) my net worth went through zero for the very first time. This was my first experience of debt... and as much as I hated it, I seemed powerless to do anything about it.

I had a decent job, but my wages never seemed to be enough. I set up a few part-time businesses but they never worked out. I even invented a product that had the potential to transform me into an overnight millionaire, but someone else had the same idea and beat me to the patent application.

During those 10 years, every couple of months I started a new business venture that seemed as though it'd solve all of my problems, but it never did. I blamed the economy and bad luck for my failings but the truth was...

I was Programmed to FAIL...

I'd been subconsciously programmed to fail. Everything I experienced during the first 18 years of my life had created a subconscious wealth blueprint of poverty and unless I could do something to change it, I was destined to remain poor for the rest of my life. I was failing because my subconscious mind had been programmed to fail, and it was sabotaging my success.

In November of 2002, with over £30K of debt, no home and a job I hated I decided to finally do something about it.

In March 2003, just 4 months later, I retired, aged just 28!

How? Simple... I changed my subconscious wealth blueprint.

Before 2003 everything I tried failed. Even business opportunities that worked perfectly for others wouldn't work for me.

As soon as I changed my subconscious wealth blueprint all of that changed. Since 2003 practically everything I do is a runaway success. And most importantly... life no longer feels like a struggle because my conscious goals and my subconscious programming are now in complete alignment.

I am now destined to succeed in whatever I do...
Because I've been programmed for success

This is the secret to unlimited wealth. Reprogram your subconscious mind and create an inner wealth blueprint of success. Until you can do this, nothing you try will work.

Think about it... How many business opportunities or get rich quick schemes have you tried in the past. Even if you follow the exact techniques that others are using to make millions, you'll still fail. Why? Because your subconscious mind will not allow you to be rich.

Whatever your subconscious mind has accepted as true is what dictates your reality. If you're struggling with money right now or don't earn as much as you'd like the ONLY reason this is happening is because your subconscious mind believes that this is the way life should be.

How to Program Your subconscious Mind for success

Back in 2003 I created a positive wealth blueprint through meditation and self hypnosis. Everyday for about a month I put myself into a light state of hypnosis until I'd completely reprogrammed my inner mind.

I used a combination of 5 simple meditations, each one specifically designed to target my subconscious beliefs about wealth and prosperity.

I reveal each of these life changing meditations for you in my brand new book '5 Meditations that will make you Rich!' and you can download it right now completely free of charge. You never have to pay me a penny, just download the book, read through the meditations and start reprogramming your subconscious mind today.

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PS. Just in case you're wondering... There are 6 hypnosis sessions in the 5 Meditations that will make you rich series because meditation number one (The Wealth Thermostat) has two options (The Control Room and Thinking BIG!) You'll love them both!


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